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We are an interdisciplinary team from NYU Interactive Telecommunications Program

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Hi, thanks for dropping by! We are team KKPK, which stands for the name of our team members: Kang, Rebecc(K)a, Fanyi Pan, and YoungKun.

KKPK is formed by four students from NYU ITP. They pay attention to the living conditions of people who live with diabetes —especially the challenges and difficulties they face when dealing with diseases. All four team members came from different professional backgrounds. They have provided diverse design perspectives for this project.

Meet the team!

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Wei Kang
AR UX Designer
soft good designer

"climb the wave and dive deep."
Wei Kang is an AR UX designer and wearable technologist who combines soft goods and immersive experience. Using augmented reality as our "second" skin or avatar, Wei likes setting up emotional bonding based on storytelling to give users a beyond vision experience. In this team, Wei focuses on user research,  AR UX design, and art direction.

Fanyi Pan
Experience Designer
Architecture Designer

Fanyi is A multidisciplinary designer who was trained as an architectural designer at Syracuse University(2017). She is currently pursuing her Master's Degree in Interactive Telecommunication Program (ITP) at New York University, trying to break the boundaries between the physical and digital world. Her work ranges from practical and speculative architectural design, experience design, product design, and interactive installation. In this team, Fanyi focused in preliminary research, user research, design solutions and AR experience design.

Rebecca Zhou
Creative technologist
Psychology-backed designer

Rebecca Zhou is a psychology-background creative with solid design and technical experience. She is good at organically converting cutting-edge scientific researches into creative design solutions. Previously, she worked as a creative technologist and UX designer in Alibaba.Inc and Lenovo Research. In this team, Rebecca focuses on user research, creative design solution and AR scene design.

Youngkun Li
Game Developer
Software Engineer

Youngkun Li is a game developer and creative software engineer with rich experience in game design and interactive coding. Before long he focused on building IOT systems that helped explore people's happiness in real life by connecting them together. Currently he contributes to combining art and engineering skills together to bring aesthetic experience to people, including but not limited to games and physical installations.

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